October 11, 2019

Request For Proposal (RFP) Illinois Urban Manual Update_Drawings

The Illinois Urban Manual Partnership is requesting proposals for professional engineering and consulting services (Consultant Services), which includes, but are not limited to, research, design, and cost estimation that are necessary to prepare technical drawings associated with Standard Practices for the Illinois Urban Manual (IUM) described below in this Request for Proposal. Respondents must be able to demonstrate experience with the type of project described herein. The submitted proposal should include the firm’s qualifications, project team, resumes, scope of services/tasks and examples of drawings or schematics written by the firm for construction or post construction Best Management Practices (BMPs). The schedule and not-to-exceed costs for completing the project specified below.

Standard Drawing: Sump Pit

Schematic: Wet Bottom Basin, Dry Bottom Basin, Extended Basin, Temporory Sediment Basin, Sediment Forebay


Deadline for Proposals: Friday October 25, 2019 at 5PM. Send electronically to contact@illinoisurbanmanual.org


RFP_ IUM Drawings Oct2019__